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Are you looking for impactful learning resources that make it easier for you to share important Christian teachings with your children? I’ve got the perfect thing for you! 


I’ve been holding onto a tool that is not just a set of resources; it's a resource designed to deepen your family's faith and create meaningful conversations about God, love, and faith. It's easy to integrate into your busy schedule and provides engaging content that your children will love.


It’s the Gospel Preview Collection from Homeschool Resource Co.! Have you heard about it? 


From short bible lessons that open great conversations to engaging activities that you can do together on a weekday afternoon, The Gospel Preview Collection is your go-to resource for convenient, faith-based learning.


Remember, you don't need hours of free time to make a difference in your children's faith journey. With the right resources, even a few minutes can create powerful, lasting impressions.

Want a sneak peek? Check out the resources inside!

- Passover Activity Pack from Ten Minute Momentum - Prepare for the upcoming Easter season with this great product! 

- Adventure Through Acts Volume 1: Games Manual from Bible Baton is a great way to get some fun activities in while studying the book of Acts!

- Want to teach your kids to pray? Let Big Bible Lessons for Kids help with their Prayer Prompt Cards!

- Studying missions? Life as a Lifeschooler is a great way to help you dive into a great study of every country with their Country & Missions Study!

- And of course, we’ve got something for mom, too! If you’re looking to combat toxic thoughts, Cindy Nicolson Ministries has an amazing Prayer Study included!


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