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Mother Culture® is a term made popular by Karen Andreola through her research of Charlotte Mason. It encourages mothers to focus on the education of their children as well as their own education. Not only should mothers learn along side their children, but they should be learning ahead of them. It can be hard to fit our own education in amidst the busyness of the day. This bundle is meant to encourage moms with good, true, and beautiful things in manageable amounts as a part of their mother culture®. 


This bundle is modeled after my many morning basket bundles that are meant for family-style homeschool learning. This one is just for moms! Display the poems and paintings and take a few moments each day to observe and read. Try the 5 Day Mom Culture Challenge. Make a cup of tea, get cozy, and read a book for a few minutes. Take a nature walk and identify a new plant. Work on a hobby. Start a new hobby. Browse through a magazine or non-fiction book. Listen to music. Many more ideas are included in this bundle!


You will receive:

+What is Mother Culture® page
+3 poems
+5 paintings
+1 hymn
+1 Bible verse
+1 Charlotte Mason quote
+Mom's Idea List
+Mother Culture® Book Recommendations
+Mom Culture 5 Day Challenge
+Classical Music Recommendation

Morning Basket for Mothers

$4.00 Regular Price
$2.00Sale Price
  • All poems, songs, and artwork are from the public domain.

    *Digital download - No physical product will be shipped*

    You’ll receive 23 pages in PDF format.

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