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Finding Homeschool Community

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

One of the concerns with homeschool that I hear most frequently is the worry over socialization. Building friendships with classmates can definitely be an enjoyable part of attending traditional classrooms. However, this is an easy enough problem to solve! In fact, it can be more beneficial to develop friendships with people of different ages. Think about your current group of friends - how many of them are the same age as you?

Here a few ideas for seeking opportunities for socialization for your children.

  1. Siblings - Do you have multiple children? Homeschooling provides a wonderful opportunity to cultivate postitive sibling relationships by learning and living together.

  2. Church - Attending a local church provides many opportunities to develop friendships with children of all ages.

  3. Co-Ops - As homeschooling continues to grow, more and more co-ops are available to attend. In my area of North Carolina, I've seen formal co-ops for programs such as Classical Conversations, Wild and Free, and Charlotte Mason, and informal forest school type meet ups. They have co-ops for all ages! In general, co-ops meet once per week. Some require parents to attend and some allow for drop-offs. A few friends and I formed an informal preschool co-op for our 2-5 year olds. We all have the same curriculum and rotate which mom teaches for that day. We meet once a week at local parks. It's been a great way to have consistent playdates with friends!

  4. Extracurricular Activities - There are many sports and club activities available to homeschoolers of all ages.

  5. Library Story Times - These are great for younger children to learn how to sit and interact in a group setting. Strike up a conversation with a fellow mom and see if they want to join for a playground session after story time!

  6. Playgrounds and Nature Groups - Bring your children to a playground and they are more than likely going to find some children to play with. There are often local nature groups like Tinkergarten or Free Forest School that you can join as well.

Living life as a family provides a great opportunity for your children to practice their social skills as well. Walks in the neighborhood allow you to develop relationships with neighbors and have conversations. Bringing your children on errands to the grocery store or the bank teaches them how to greet others and use their manners.

I hope this list encourages you if you're thinking about homeschooling! Leave a comment about other ways you've developed socialization and social skills with your kiddos!

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