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A Sweet and Simple Year in Kindergarten

A Sweet and Simple Year in Kindergarten is inspired by the philosophy of Charlotte Mason and is designed to help you share good, true, and beautiful things with your child through nature study, living books, poetry, art, music, habit training, and more.


This 26 week curriculum will focus around three core books and includes simple 4-day grids organized for you for each week. It also includes TWO bonus weeks: Christmas & Easter.


What to Expect:

This year your child will:

  • Read two chapter books with you

  • Read living picture books with you

  • Listen to the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson and the limericks of Edward Lear

  • Observe the paintings of Claude Monet, Joseph Rubens Powell, Vincent van Gogh, and Raphael

  • Listen to the music of Vivaldi and other classical composers

  • Practice the habits of attention, perfect execution, responsibility, honesty, and kindness

  • Identify the differences between birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

  • Learn beginning geography and map skills

  • Listen to classic hymns and folksongs

  • Identify, with your help, local trees or flowers

  • Listen to Mother Goose rhymes

  • Read through the book of Matthew and memorize several verses

  • Explore painting

  • Experiment with shadows and ice

  • and more!

Who was Charlotte Mason?

Charlotte Mason was a British educator from the late 1800s/early 1900s. She believed that young children should have a quiet, growing time in the early years where they learn to love nature, develop good habits, and have their minds and imaginations fed by good, true, and beautiful things such as poetry, artwork, music, and living books. Her writings have resurfaced over the years and many homeschool families have thrived using her gentle methods that instill a love of learning into their children.


What's Included?

This kindergarten curriculum includes a 81 page Teacher's Guide with:

  • book recommendations

  • supply lists for each week

  • art activities and handicrafts

  • recommended reads for mom

  • habit training information

  • tips for read alouds and Bible reading

  • nature study & geography information

  • information on the Charlotte Mason philosophy

  • links to music and activities

  • printing guide

  • 28 weekly schedule grids

144 student pages

  • weekly display page

  • weekly painting

  • weekly poem, nursery rhyme, or limerick

  • nature study or geography activity

  • craft, experiment, or activity pages


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