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Postpartum recovery has been a passion of mine ever since my second child was born. I've learned how our culture doesn't value a slow and restful healing time, which differs from much of the world! Many other cultures have traditions of women helping women with household duties and nourishment for at least thirty days. In America, I know many women who are back to work by then! I have had one birth center birth, one homebirth, and am planning my second homebirth for the Fall of 2023. This book is a compilation of all of my acrued knowledge, partnered with professionals such as a pelvic floor physical therapist and certified professional midwife. I designed this book to be easy to read and simple to find all of the recommended resources and products with links throughout the book. You'll read chapters on breastfeeding, nourishment, babywearing, physical recovery, pelvic floor physical therapy, sleeping, baby blues, and so much more. Each chapter ends with a convenient checklist with any relevent links. You'll also receive a 20-page planning guide. My hope is that this guide will prepare women for the season after labor that is often overlooked, yet has powerful consequences for women's mental and physical health.

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